Parking & Finding Us

The Boathouse has a very small car park for patrons to use between 6pm and 2am but we are very popular so this is normally full very quickly.

Do not despair though! 30 meters away is the Swans Nest Pay and display car park which has 26 spaces and charges £1 per hour during the day and between 16:00 and 08:00 an evening charge of £2 is in force. If like the King you don't carry cash, you can use the Ringgo app using code 17777. If you are using Sat Nav, pop in the postcode CV37 7LS and you’ll be taken straight there!

If this car park is full or you fancy a walk (it’s only about 100meters from The Boathouse) The Recreation Ground car park has 378 spaces and charges the same rates as the Swans Nest car park and is also on Ringgo under the code 17776.

Now that you have parked you may ask yourself, how do we get in?! Being an 18th Century working boathouse the entrance is not where you would expect (or I suppose it is - if you're on a boat!). We have a dedicated entranceway to the right hand side of the building if you are facing towards the river. If you have wet feet you have walked too far!

We've also added a map with markers for other parking spots nearby for your convenience.

The Boat House